Getting to know Jason Peters, practical joker

The Daily News' Les Bowen recently spoke to new Eagles left tackle Jason Peters about his life off the field and growing up in the small east Texas town of Queen City, with a population of 1,613.

Here are some excerpts from that conversation:

On Queen City: “It’s small, man. I just chill out with my people when I’m home. There’s nothing to do. I graduated with like 70 people.”

On his easygoing and laidback personality: “That’s just every day (life). I know nobody told you that I was peaceful on the field.”

On his reputation as a practical joker and his favorite gag: "I got my cousin one night. We went out (in Queen City). I knew these police officers. We were eating, and I had 'em go up to him and make like he was the guy that robbed this store. They got him good; they cuffed him and put him in the car. He was all scared. At the end, they were like, 'You just got punked.' "

On his success as a high school basketball player: “If I could have grown another 2 inches, I would have played that (instead of football).”

On how he ended up playing offense at Arkansas after going to college as a defensive end: “My second year, we were playing Alabama, and all our tight ends got hurt. I would rather have played defense, but I did that for the team.”

On not being selected in the 2004 draft: “I was expecting what all the other players were expecting - to get picked. When it didn’t happen, I just sat down and figured out where I wanted to go.”

Look for more on Jason Peters in Wednesday’s Daily News