McNabb underrated?

Donovan McNabb is the fourth-most underrated quarterback in the NFL, according to a poll of 320 NFL players by Sports Illustrated. McNabb got 7 percent of the vote.

Here are the results:

David Garrard, Jaguars....20%
Eli Manning, Giants....8%
Drew Brees, Saints....8%
Donovan McNabb, Eagles....7%
Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks....6%

You probably can interpret that a number of ways, but it might mean that other NFL players don't feel that McNabb gets his due, which is not a view shared by at least some vocal portions of Eagles Nation.

McNabb did not appear on the list of most overrated quarterbacks, although Eli Manning is on both. Whatever that might mean.


You see more people around the area wearing Phillies jerseys, especially in the last few weeks for obvious reasons, but Eagles jerseys still seem to be part of just about everyone's wardrobe.

Sports Business Daily listed the Top 25 jerseys sold on from August through Oct. 15 and two Eagles appear on the list. Brian Westbrook is at No. 15 and Donovan McNabb is at No. 23.

Looking back through the archives, we found that McNabb was No. 4 in December 2004, as the Eagles were on their way to a Super Bowl appearance. Terrell Owens was No. 3.

Now, Brett Favre is No. 1, boosted by the fact that Favre fans need Jets jerseys.

Tomo Romo is No. 2 and leads four Cowboys in the Top 10 and five in the Top 25. T.O. is actually fourth on his own team, behind Romo, Marion Barber and Jason Witten.

1. Brett Favre (QB - New York Jets)
2. Tony Romo (QB - Dallas Cowboys)
3. Eli Manning (QB - New York Giants)
4. Marion Barber (RB - Dallas Cowboys)
5. Tom Brady (QB - New England Patriots)
6. Adrian Peterson (RB - Minnesota Vikings)
7. Peyton Manning (QB - Indianapolis Colts)
8. Jason Witten (TE - Dallas Cowboys)
9. LaDainian Tomlinson (RB - San Diego Chargers)
10. Terrell Owens (WR - Dallas Cowboys)
11. Ben Roethlisberg (QB - Pittsburgh Steelers)
12. Darren McFadden (RB - Oakland Raiders)
13. Devin Hester (WR/DB - Chicago Bears)
14. Brian Urlacher (LB - Chicago Bears)
15. Brian Westbrook (RB - Philadelphia Eagles)
16. Jay Cutler (QB - Denver Broncos)
17. Troy Polamalu (S - Pittsburgh Steelers)
18. Chris Cooley (TE - Washington Redskins)
19. DeMarcus Ware (LB - Dallas Cowboys)
20. Reggie Bush (RB - New Orleans Saints)
21. Plaxico Burress (WR - New York Giants)
22. Patrick Willis (LB - San Francisco 49ers)
23. Donovan McNabb (QB - Philadelphia Eagles)
24. Randy Moss (WR - New England Patriots)
25. Hines Ward (WR - Pittsburgh Steelers)