Garcia Update

Jeff Garcia could come back to the Eagles as a backup quarterback. (Yong Kim/Staff file photo)

Noted in my last post here that I wouldn't be surprised to see Jeff Garcia come back for a third stint with the Eagles. Since then, other folks have chimed in, which helps create anticipation.

To clarify, I've talked to an Eagles source and a source close to Garcia, and though both sides acknowledge the possibility, that discussions have occurred, I'm told nothing is imminent.

I think Michael Vick will go before Garcia comes back, this time. Could be wrong, but I don't see having two veteran, Pro Bowl alum QBs peering over Kevin Kolb's shoulder as a great way to do this. One vet mentor, one rookie the Birds pick up somewhere in the draft, probably not real early, would be my prediction.

I wonder what sorts of behind-the-scenes talks the Birds have had with Vick and his agent. I'm not sure there is a better gig out there for Vick right now than backing up Kolb in 2010, but I guess Vick has to be convinced of that for it to really work.


Finally, a humorous, R-rated take on Donovan McNabb's departure, from The Onion.