Foles after practice: I'm ready

Nick Foles returned to the NovaCare practice field Tuesday, nine days after suffering a concussion in a loss to the Cowboys. Eagles offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur said the second-year quarterback has been cleared, but that the Eagles will monitor how he is feeling going forward, to see if he is ready to start this weekend in Oakland. Shurmur wouldn't say if Foles will start, assuming he's healthy; he said that decision would be made by Chip Kelly.

"Oh yeah," Foles said afterward, when asked if he is ready to go. "I've cleared everything, I feel good. I felt good out there today. It was a long week last week."

The plan was for Foles and Matt Barkley to split reps 50-50, Shurmur said.

Foles, Barkley, Michael Vick and practice squad quarterback G.J. Kinne all took the field for the warmup part of practice, the only part reporters are allowed to watch. Vick, who reinjured his left hamstring in Sunday's loss to the Giants, did this two days after his first injury, as well. He still didn't play for three weeks.

Shurmur confirmed what LeSean McCoy said Monday -- that the Eagles had some interesting twists to their game plan against the Giants that they didn't get to use once Vick left after the fourth series. But Shurmur indicated this had more to do with not running as many plays as they'd anticipated, rather than the presence of Barkley at QB. Kelly had said Monday the Eagles ran the same plays with Barkley they would have run with Vick.

Shurmur said the coaches need to see how Foles looks after the week off. He said they'd gone over the puzzling Dallas tape with Foles -- general manager Howie Roseman said Foles' dysfunction was nothing like he'd ever done in college or the NFL. Shurmur's only explanation was that "sometimes you just miss throws."

When Foles was asked about it, he said: "I didn't execute like I needed to. I was a little -- I was inaccurate on certain throws that I'm usually very accurate on. Just watching film, there's big plays that I missed ... It was great to get back out there today, work on it, get back into my footwork, get back to delivering the ball with authority."


The NFL trade deadline is 4 p.m. today. The Eagles aren't expecting to do anything. It's been reported that the Birds are listening to offers for defensive lineman Vinny Curry, who has played more lately but still seems miscast in a 3-4. A league source said the team is not "shopping" Curry, which of course does not mean that he can't be traded.

Certainly a rebuilding team would like more draft picks, especially if it feels it might need to move up to get a franchise quarterback in the 2014 draft. But I doubt the Eagles are going to give Curry away for a mid-round pick, which is probably what he's worth right now.