Falcons' fine for hit on Maclin reduced

Dunta Robinson's fine for hitting Jeremy Maclin with his helmet was reduced. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

The fine levied on Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson for his hit on Jeremy Maclin in Week 2 have been dropped from $40,000 to $25,000 on appeal, his agent told the Associated Press.

Agent Jason Chayut said Monday that the appeal was filed because Robinson did not believe the fine “was appropriate.”

Robinson was fined $50,000 last year for a hit on DeSean Jackson that caused concussions for both players. That fine was reduced to $25,000 on appeal.

Robinson hit Maclin with the crown of his helmet after Maclin made a 17-year reception late in the Eagles' Week 2 loss. The play drew a 15-yard penalty.

At the time, Maclin said, "It was a dirty hit. That’s why he got flagged. If it was a clean hit, he wouldn’t have gotten flagged. Whatever is coming his way, he’ll get it [as far as a fine from the league]. We’ll kind of see what happens."

Robinson said then that he was not expecting a fine, although one followed. "I felt it was a legal hit, even though I was penalized. I do not expect to hear from commissioner Goodell," he said.

"I saw him catch the ball," Robinson said. "Last year, they said the receiver didn’t have time to see. He was a defenseless receiver. I saw him catch the ball. I saw him run, trying to get up field to score. So me as a defender, if I whiff on him, he’s probably is going to run around me and score a long touchdown. This is a physical football game. That’s the way I play. If don’t play that way, I wouldn’t make it in this league. I definitely didn’t think it was a dirty play. I’m not a dirty player. I don’t go out there and hit players illegally."


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