Enter the Pick the Pick contest

The annual Eagletarian “Pick the Pick” contest is back! …

If you correctly select the Eagles’ first-round pick, you could win a Daily News prize …

Here are the rules …

Entries close at 7 p.m. Thursday. The first round begins at 7:30 p.m.

In the comments section below, enter by listing the NAME OF THE PLAYER, and only the NAME OF THE PLAYER who you think will be the Eagles’ first-round pick. If we have to search for the name in the middle of your analysis, the entry will not count.

Given the Eagles’ propensity for draft day trades, the player you select does not have to be the Eagles’ pick at No. 24. It could be the Eagles’ pick if they trade up or down in the round. If the Eagles end up with two first-round picks, it will be the player selected first that will determine the winner.

If more than one person selects the correct player, the winner will be the first person to enter. This encourages you to make your selections early and not wait. We will then randomly draw from among the other people to correctly select the player for a second prize.

Also, ONE ENTRY PER PERSON/COMPUTER. This will be strictly enforced by checking IP addresses and screen names.

If some logistical thing that we have not thought of occurs, we will figure out some way to give out the prize.

Good luck!