Ellis Hobbs on graduation day

As we told you last week, new Eagles cornerback Ellis Hobbs was heading back to Iowa State for graduation day after finishing the degree that he promised his mother he would get.

Hobbs was among 2,500 students who took part in the ceremony Saturday in Ames, Iowa.

"I think it’s just about finishing," Hobbs said. "Finishing something you start, I always try to do that, no matter what. I made a promise to my mother a long time ago, that was the one thing she was concerned about even before the NFL, before the draft. She said 'Promise me you’ll get your degree, promise me you’ll walk.' Even as busy as I am, I made a promise to her. I think it’s just to make my family proud. The first-born graduating, it’s a good moment right now."

Here is more from Hobbs in a Q&A he did with the school's Web site, gocyclones.com