Ellis Hobbs: Not so fast

Ellis Hobbs said he has not decided whether he will retire or not. (Clem Murray / Staff File Photo)

The reporter had just started to ask the question of Ellis Hobbs: "Ellis, I keep hearing ..."

"No!" Hobbs said, cutting off the inquiry.

So, the Eagles' corner who suffered serious neck-disc injuries in back-to-back season hasn't decided to retire?

"I haven't done anything.  I'm just relaxing," said Hobbs, who reported he was in the midst of furniture-buying when his phone rang.

There has been speculation  about Hobbs' possible retirement since he suffered his second neck injury in as many seasons, on a kickoff return against the Giants Nov. 21, a setback that ended his season after eight games, the exact number of times he took the field in 2009 before injuring his neck and requiring surgery. Hobbs played last season under a one-year restricted free agent tender. Given his medical history, it might be hard for him to find a team willing to take such a risk, even if he did decide to try to continue to play.Monty python skit

For now, though, you get the idea he kind of feels like the guy in the Monty Python skit about the Plague who isn't ready to be tossed onto the cart.


Rich Hofmann does a fine job of laying out Kevin Kolb scenarios in today's Daily News. Rich thinks hanging onto Kolb is the most prudent course for the Eagles. I don't completely agree. As I've said before, I think the collective bargaining situation is the biggest impediment to a Kolb trade.

I think Andy Reid realizes he owes Kolb one for Kolb's extraordinarily gracious handling of the Michael Vick switch last season. I think if the Eagles can get value -- 2011 value -- for Kolb, they will trade him, at least in part to do right by the quarterback, who has been extremely patient and understanding.

The problem is the CBA. Until there is one, players can't be traded. There is a strong chance the 2011 draft will come and go with no trades allowed. At  that  point, as Eagles president Joe Banner acknowledged last week, trading Kolb gets much more complicated. I don't think the Eagles are going to trade a capable quarterback for 2012 draft picks, so somebody is going to have to have a player or players to trade who would make a real difference for the Birds this season.  That's possible, but unlikely.