Easy schedule? More Big Ben

Much was made in the offseason about the percieved lack of difficulty on the Eagles' schedule, especially outside the division. In case you are wondering, Eagles opponents are a combined 13-12 through two weeks. The odd number comes because the Ravens have only played one game.

The three other teams in the NFC East, by the way, are a combined 5-1. The AFC East, with New England and Buffalo, is the only other division with two 2-0 teams.


One of the big stories we obviously will be watching this week is the status of Ben Roethlisberger's shoulder. Is it just sore? Is it a shoulder separation? Is it both those things? The folks at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette are trying to figure that out, based on Mike Tomlin's news conference.

"Ben is still nursing the sore shoulder," Tomlin said. "He could be limited here in the first part of the week. Hopefully, he progresses like he did last week. I just met with him, and he said he feels better this week than he did a week ago, which is good."

Big Ben and Tomlin are both scheduled for conference calls with the Philly media later today, so we will see what they have to say. Our guess, not much clarity will come from those sessions, either.


Mark Kram lands today with an interesting story about the rash of deaths among past members of the Steelers organization, including many of the big names from the Super Bowls teams of the 1970s.


If you are interested in power rankings. NFL.com has the Cowboys at No. 1, the Giants at No. 2 and the Eagles at No. 11. The Daily News runs Paul Domowitch's rankings every Friday.