Kicking Off Eagletarian

First off, I'm undertaking this with some trepidation. I'm not at all sure I'm cool enough to blog. I'm 52 years old. I don't watch American Idol, or any "reality" TV. My "snark" quotient, like my hair, might be thinning. My witty pop culture references might be dated; I still haven't quite figured out what "rick-rolling" is. And I'm pretty sure I don't care.

But I do know there is an insatiable appetite, in this market, for anything that concerns the Eagles, even indirectly, and that's what this blog is all about. My voice certainly won't be the only one from the Daily News on here, which is good. I can't speak for anybody else, but my hope is to entertain, to give a deeper, broader context, and to facilitate dialogue.

I've been reading a lot of blogs, and a lot about blogs, to get ready. From what I can gather, there is an expectation that the blogger be sitting in his mother's basement, blogging in his pajamas. This is problematic; my mother's basement is more than 500 miles away, in North Carolina , and it's damp there this time of year.

I'll probably either be at my desk in the kitchen of my home in South Jersey , at NovaCare when something is going on there, or at the Linc, of course, for games. But when I'm blogging from home I will try to do it in my Spongebob boxer shorts, just to "capture the spirit of the thing," as Dickie Dunn might say. (Kiddies, Google a movie called "Slap Shot.")

More seriously, for some time, newspapers have needed a way to address a lot of the daily sports-related brushfires that pop up out of fan message boards, talk radio, and sometimes, thin air, it seems. Writing stories about rumors that have long been debunked or have morphed in a totally different direction by the time the paper comes out the next day is a frustrating, futile exercise. This might be a better forum for grappling with that stuff. I'm not saying every inane idea about trading Donovan McNabb for Tom Brady and Randy Moss is going to get a full airing here, but if there are 150 pages on the Eagles' web site message board debating the pros and cons of something that's being tossed around the Internet, I'd feel bad if we weren't taking our whacks at the pinata. (Is this a stale, old-media reference? Should I have said something like "taking our turn at shaking the Wii controller?" Gosh, this is hard.)