Macho Harris collects bonus

Eagles rookie safety Macho Harris received a $314,565 bonus under the final year of the NFL's "Performance-Based Pay" program.

The program, which ended with the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement, using a formula to reward players with lower salaries who are on the field for a substantial number of plays. The money is not based on performance, simply total plays on the field (offense, defense and special teams).

Overall, the league spent more $109.5 million this year, with Vikings center John Sullivan getting the highest bonus at 397,555. Harris was eighth in the league.

In the 7 years of the program, Eagles linebacker Omar Gaither ranks 20th overall with bonuses totaling $680,657. Linebacker Erik Coleman (Jets, Atlanta) received $837,654.


The NFL will not announce the opening weekend marquee games or the Thanksgiving games today during the league meetings.

An announcement had been scheduled for yesterday, was delayed until today and now it seems likely that no announcement will be made because the schedule formulations have not been completed.

The full schedule comes out in April.


UPDATED: The Eagles say the 6,500 tickets were distributed in a matter of hours.

And now a rare commercial announcement:

The Eagles are distributing free tickets beginning today for a draft party on April 22 at the SCA Club at Lincoln Financial Field. The event begins at 6:30 and will coincide with the first round of the NFL draft.

Eagles players, alumni, cheerleaders and Swoop will make appearances. Fans can tour the Eagles and visiting team locker rooms and get autograph.

For the first time, fans can also participate in football skills and drills on the Linc field, including a fair catch challenge, an obstacle course, quarterback targets and a receiving challenge.