Eagles hopeful living the dream

Among the things that is fun about this time of year when nearly 90 players are on the Eagles roster is reading the unique stories from many guys who probably have little chance of making the team but are enjoying living the dream while they can.

That brings us to this tale of Sam Swank, a kicker/punter signed as an undrafted free agent out of Wake Forest who name sounds pulled directly from a Dick Tracy comic book.

Swank, who missed six games of his senior season with a pulled quadriceps, chose the Eagles over San Francisco and Cleveland. He spent 7 years of his childhood in Allentown before moving to Jacksonville Beach, Fla.

"San Francisco is way out there, and Cleveland is Cleveland," Swank told the Winston-Salem Journal. "Since I had the hometown ties to the Eagles, I thought it would be a lot of fun to give them a try."

The Eagles, of course, have veteran David Akers as their kicker and Sav Rocca as their punter. Swank has no delusions about the situation. With his degree in communications, Swank also has a Plan B.

"It's definitely a dream of mine to play in the NFL," Swank said. "And I feel as long as I am capable of doing so, and I have the talent, I'm going to keep pursuing that dream."

"I'm still on Plan A," Swank added. "Plan A is to kick in the NFL."


Good stuff from Derek at IgglesBlog this morning. He has done a chart showing the Eagles' roster turnover and experience. Two pretty interesting observations: The Birds only have three starters left from the 2004 Super Bowl team: Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook and Sheldon Brown. Since then, the Eagles have had six different starters at weakside linebacker. Here is the link