Rough day for offense; Eagles add QB

Donovan McNabb and the Eagles' offense struggled with the heat and the injury suffered by Kevin Kolb. (Clem Murray/Staff PhotographerP

With the knee injury to Kevin Kolb, the Eagles were down to only Donovan McNabb and A.J. Feeley as quarterbacks on the roster so they signed Matt Nagy tonight.

Nagy is no stranger to the Eagles, serving as a coaching intern both last season and this season during training camp at Lehigh.

Kolb will not play in Thursday's preseason opener, so it could have been -- and might still be -- a long night for A.J. Feeley. Coach Andy Reid has not announced how long the starters will play against New England.

Nagy, 31, played for the University of Delaware and spent six seasons in the Arena Football League with Columbus, Georgia, Carolina and New York.

To make room on the roster, the team released wide receiver Brandon Robinson, a rookie free agent from Boston College.


Aside from the injuries, it was a rough day in the hot sun at Lehigh, especially for the offense.

"We’re coming off a practice right here where we just didn’t execute as well as we need to," offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said. "I’m leaning toward the negative way right there but we have to execute just a little bit better. We had more balls on the ground today than really all camp. It appeared, again I have to watch the film today, but it appeared that we were off sync just a little bit. I’m only exaggerating a little bit; we struggled to complete a pass. There were balls on the ground, we weren’t blocking anyone. So it was one of those practices where we need to come back at a real high level tomorrow.”

He was asked whether he was surprised that the offense had such a disappointing practice.



“You normally have a couple [practices like that] each training camp that you have to battle through, so that’s where we’re at," offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said. "Most of the guys are right at that point. Most of our installation is in as far as training camp. We’ve got an awful lot in, so mentally, they’re having to really prepare hard. We’ve gotten more in than we would ever have in a gameplan. We’ve probably got two gameplans worth in, maybe a little bit more than that.”

As for the preseason opener, he said, "There are a whole host of things that we want to accomplish. The first team, executing at a high level. The other thing is the players that are in competition, and we have competition really across the board, it will be an important night for them, both on offense and defense as well as on special teams. It’s an important night. Everything we do is important in the preseason games because it’s game action. It’s just a little bit more critical for these men.”


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