Eagles' o-line ranked 20th by PFF

The Eagles currently are 22nd in the league in sacks allowed per pass play. (David Maialetti/Staff file photo)

Pro Football Focus just came out with its NFL offensive line ratings. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that the Eagles’ line didn’t make its top five. But it’s not in the bottom five either.

The website has the Eagles ranked 20th, behind the Giants (14th) and Redskins (15th), but ahead of the Cowboys (24th).

The Eagles are ranked 28th in pass-blocking, a surpringly-high fourth in run-blocking and 25th in penalties, per PFF.

"There’s no doubt about it, the loss of Jason Peters hit this team hard," PFF said in its analysis. "While (right tackle) Todd Herremans and (left guard) Evan Mathis continue to play well, the poor form of (right guard) Danny Watkins, coupled with injuries, has seen a major dropoff from 2011."

The Eagles currently are 22nd in the league in sacks allowed per pass play. They are 10th in rushing yards per game (122.0), though more than a quarter of those yards belong to quarterback Mike Vick. The Eagles are 14th in the league in yards per attempt (4.1).

As for penalties, the Eagles’ offensive line has been flagged 16 times this season – 11 times for holding and 5 times for false starts. Three of those 16 penalties were declined. Demetress Bell, who has been replaced at left tackle by King Dunlap for the second time since the start of training camp, has a line-high five penalties, including two holds and three false starts. Three of his penalties stalled drives.

Mathis is second with four penalties – two holds and two false starts. Three of his four penalties stalled drives.

For what it’s worth, the Bears, whose line is ranked lower (22nd) than the Eagles, are 5-1. The Chiefs, meanwhile, whose line was ranked the second best in the league by PFF, is 1-5.

A rundown of PFF’s offensive line rankings, starting from the bottom up:

Rank Team Pass Blocking Run Blocking Penalties Record
32 Cardinals 32nd 32nd 18th 4-3
31 Jaguars 31st 24th 17th 1-5
30 Raiders 30th 28th 14th 2-4
29 Rams 29th 21st 29th 3-4
28 Seahawks 27th 15th 32nd 4-3
27 Colts 17th 30th 32nd 4-3
26 Panthers 19th 29th 13th 1-5
25 Cowboys 24th 13th 31st 3-3
24 Steelers 11th 31st 27th 3-3
23 Dolphins 14th 26th 24th 3-3
22 Bears 25th 7th 30th 5-1
21 Chargers 26th 20th 3rd 3-3
20 Eagles 28th 4th 25th 3-3
19 Titans 18th 16th 28th 3-4
18 Buccaneers 13th 22nd 22nd 2-4
17 Packers 7th 27th 16th 4-3
16 Jets 20th 17th 8th 3-4
15 Redskins 12th 23rd 11th 3-4
14 Giants 21st 8th 15th 5-2
13 Texans 15th 19th 5th 6-1
12 Falcons 29th 9th 2nd 6-0
11 Ravens 23rd 2nd 19th 5-2
10 Browns 9th 11th 21st 1-6
9 Bills 4th 18th 20th 3-4
8 Bengals 1st 25th 10th 3-4
7 Patriots 16th 3rd 1st 4-3
6 Broncos 3rd 14th 26th 3-3
5 Lions 5th 12th 6th 2-4
4 Saints 6th 6th 4th 2-4
3 Vikings 8th 5th 7th 5-2
2 Chiefs 2nd 10th 9th 1-5
1 49ers 10th 1st 12th 5-2