Eagles Shaken, but Unharmed

Joselio Hanson knew what to do when the earthquake struck Philadelphia this afternoon. (Yong Kim/Staff file photo)

For a few seconds, your Eagletarian thought he was dizzy and about to pass out, which is not something that usually happens during the course of making small talk with Joselio Hanson.

"Am I in Cali?" Hanson wondered aloud. As a resident of the Golden State, Hanson grasped right away that an earthquake was shaking the NovaCare lockerroom. The floor shuddered and the long white light fixtures hanging from the ceiling swayed violently. It seemed like the tremor must have lasted 10 seconds.

Some players and reporters went about their interview business, others started trying to call loved ones.

Trent Cole burst out of the shower area swathed in towels but sopping wet.

"Holy Bleep!" he yelled. "Did you feel that bleeping bleep? Bleep, that's some bleep. I ain't never felt no bleep like that bleep." And so on.

Rookie middle linebacker Casey Matthews, another Californian, was calm but confused.

"Back East, I thought it was only blizzards and stuff like that," he said.

Guard Todd Herremans said he was stretching on an excercise ball when the quake hit and took a few moments to figure out what was happening.

  "That was wild," he said. Like many players, he wondered about his residence. "I'll probably have a pipe burst or something," he said.

Safety Kurt Coleman tweeted: "I thought our olinemen were running up and down the halls...Guess not."