Eagles Now Say Bunkley DID Report To Cleveland

OK, one more time with feeling on this whole Brodrick Bunkley soap opera.

If you were tuning in earlier, you know the Eagles’ former first-round pick was traded to the Denver Broncos for a conditional pick in the 2013 draft after an earlier trade to the Cleveland Browns was voided.

Several media outlets, including this one, reported that the Bunkley-to-the-Browns deal fell through after Bunkley failed to report to Cleveland.

But the Eagles now say that wasn’t the case. They say the former first-round pick did report, but the trade was voided because one of the conditions for the trade was not met.

It’s possible the Browns added a stipulation that Bunkley had to do the tango with Browns president Mike Holmgren and refused. But generally, the only two conditions in a trade are that the guy reports and that he passes his physical.

So, if Bunkley did show up in Cleveland as the Eagles contend, then he must have flunked his physical. Which would be odd, since he was practicing with the Eagles for two days before he was sent to the Browns.

``We want to thank Brodrick for his contributions to our team,’’ general manager Howie Roseman said. ``We don’t think we would have had some of the success we’ve had in the past few years without him. And we wish him the best in Denver.’’

Roseman said Bunkley did not try to influence where he was going to be traded.

``Brodrick is not a guy who was trying to dictate where he wanted to go, he said. ``He’s just looking for an opportunity to go and play.

``I think he enjoyed it here. This was a shock to him. He was a first-round pick. I think he thought he would be here for his whole career. I think he liked the energy that was going on here right now and wanted to be a part of it.’’