Eagles: Not Hiring Defensive Consultant

The Eagles denied a report that they would hire a defensive consultant for Juan Castillo. (Clem Murray/Staff file photo)

An Eagles spokesman today said the team is not hiring a defensive consultant. The spokesman was responding to a report by ESPN's Chris Mortensen last night, which said Eagles coach Andy Reid had discussed with management bringing in some help for new defensive corrdinator Juan Castillo during the bye week next week.

Today on ESPN.com, a version of Mortensen's report notes the Eagles' denial and points out that the team is denying it will make the move, not that the move was considered.

Of course, at 1-4, with the defense in tatters, it isn't hard to believe the Eagles would consider anything. Or that they might change their mind about help for Castillo during the bye week, if they drop to 1-5 after playing the Redskins.


A number of readers have answered my request for e-mails explaining how in the world the Eagles can be leading the NFL in rushing even though it's their opponents who tend to land the devastating run-game blows. 

Best summation is from a guy who identified himself only as "John."

"The Eagles lead the league in rushing yards because of Vick's running ability, like that 50 plus yard scamper on Sunday. it's an illusion though, just like when the Falcons did the same with Vick at the helm. don't misinterpret it. it doesn't mean they can run when they have to and it certainly doesn't mean they play physical football like most teams that lead the league in rushing do.  That said, a minimum of fifteen carries for shady five for Brown and a couple here and there for Lewis should be mandatory."