Vick: Young Has Had 'Tough Breaks'

Vince Young will report to training camp on Saturday. (Mark Humphrey/AP)

BETHLEHEM -- Michael Vick sees Vince Young, the quarterback the Eagles apparently are signing to a one-year deal, as the victim of some "tough breaks" since being drafted third overall in 2006 by the Tennessee Titans.

The NFL Network reported early this morning that Young had reached agreement with the Birds to replace traded QB Kevin Kolb as Vick's backup.

Young, 28, was released by the Titans yesterday. There was some confusion about whether the waiver process had been observed, but it turned out that under the new CBA, as a veteran with four years vested, Young was not subject to waivers.

"You see a lot of guys in this league who have some inconsistencies in their career, but they're able to change it down the stretch," Vick said after a teaching-paced Friday morning practice.

Vick said he knows Young. As a QB who benefited from a fresh start with the Eagles, Vick hopes to provide Young something similar.

"I look forward to having him in here, I look forward to working with him and making him a better player," Vick said. ""It's going to be a positive effect. I think Vince'll mature as a player, I think he'll get better as far as understanding what this offense is about. I think it'll help him, long-term."

 Young has had an up-and-down pro career that includes two Pro Bowl berths and numerous benchings. Young entered the NFL with a widely criticized sidearm throwing motion and unquestioned athletic ability.

He has not seemed to react well to scrutiny and criticism in Tennessee. Vick was asked about that.

"We all have a problem with booing, trust me," Vick said. "We all hate getting booed. It's just part of the game. You've got to take the bad with the good."

Of the available backup types on the market, Young certainly has the most upside, and as a starter, he is 30-17.

 Young has said he thought about retiring following his rookie year, even though he made the Pro Bowl.

"It was crazy being an NFL quarterback. It wasn't fun anymore," he said several years ago. Young later said these remarks were overemphasized. In 2008, he reportedly became distraught and depressed after having been booed.

Last season, he threw his shoulder pads into the crowd and had a loud confrontation with then-coach Jeff Fisher, when Young wasn't sent back into a loss to the Redskins, after leaving the game with a torn flexor tendon in his right thumb. The Titans eventually decided to part ways with both Young and Fisher.

The Kolb trade Thursday left second-year QB Mike Kafka as the Birds' only NFL-level QB behind Vick.