Eagles-Cowboys, No. 100

The Eagles face the Dallas Cowboys for the 100th time when they meet Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field.In today's Eagles Playbook, Mark Kram looks back at the first game. Here are some facts about the series:

Overall: Cowboys lead, 55-44.

In Philadelphia: Eagles lead, 26-22

In Dallas: Cowboys lead, 33-18

In the playoffs: Cowboys lead, 2-1

At the Linc: Eagles lead, 4-2

Under Andy Reid: Eagles lead, 14-6

Reid vs. Wade Phillips: Cowboys lead, 3-2

Biggest Cowboys win: 56-7 (Oct. 9, 1966)

Biggest Eagles win: 44-6 (Dec. 28, 2008)

Eagles shutouts: 2

Cowboys shutouts: 1

Longest Cowboys winning streak: 11

Longest Eagles winning streak: 8

Games decided by a TD or less: 37

Games decided by two or more TDs: 44

Games decide by three or more TDs: 30

Overtime games: 1*

Monday night games: 11

Sunday night games: 2

Thanksgiving Day: 1

Saturday games: 2

Friday games: 1

Season openers: 3

Season finales: 3

Cowboys points scored: 2,149

Eagles points scored: 1,929

* Eagles won, 16-13, Nov. 5, 2000


* USA Today wonders what has happened to the NFC East. Once a powerhouse, the teams in the division appear to have some serious flaws and that is even if you eliminate the woeful Redskins from the conversation. Some interesting points here.

* The Cowboys are confident that Marion Barber is continuing to improve after suffering a quad strain in Week 2. In the four games since he returned from the injury, Barber has gained only 194 yards on 54 carries. "He’s got a little more juice," Wade Phillips said, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "It’s an injury that you lose strength. It’s not something where you’re going to get injured again. He lost some power in one leg. He could play, and I thought he had his best game last week. He looked good today. I think more and more we’ll see the Marion Barber that we know and love."

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