Eagles Ax McDermott's Brother

On the day former Eagles defensive coordinator Sean McDermott is scheduled to lead the Carolina Panthers' defense against the Birds, the team announced the departure of McDermott's brother, marketing vice president Tim McDermott.

The team released a statement confirming McDermott's departure, not giving any cause. The team also released a statement from McDermott calling the split "amicable," a word also used in the team statement.

Tim McDermott, who grew up in Lansdale, was hired in 2010, and has been credited with helping make the organizational image less remote and disconnected from the fan base. One of the first things he was involved with was the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the 1960 NFL championship team, which several alumni said marked a distinct change in the Eagles' attitude toward figures from its past.

Last week, the Eagles fired corporate spokesman Rob Zeiger.