Draft Week Lurches Along

Ran into big Jon Runyan down at NovaCare the other day. He had no draft insights. He's still finishing up the house  - more like "estate" - he and his wife have been building for quite some time now. "Thirty-two months and counting," Runyan announced. But the truth is, he seems to enjoy the details and complications. It's almost like he thinks if the house ever gets finished, he'll have to retire, or something.

FYI, Jon was wearing the largest pair of Crocs I've ever seen. At least I think they were Crocs. He might have just poked a bunch of holes in a couple of 30-gallon trash cans and stuck them on his feet.

Three days to the draft and though I'm no Nostradamus, or even Patricia Arquette, I'm getting a strong move-up vibe from the Eagles. Move up for what? Probably an offensive tackle, though if they moved up for corner Leodis McKelvin, that wouldn't shock me either. I think the key might be what they can get for Lito Sheppard, that would make moving up more feasible. Right now it would probably take the Birds' first (19th overall) and second (49th overall) picks to move up from 19 to, say, 10 or 11. I don't think I'd do that unless I had another second-round pick (from a Sheppard trade).

I feel a need to interject something that will generate hits. Anquan Boldin!

Why on earth would the Cardinals trade Anquan Boldin, you ask? Because he reportedly has requested a trade. But doesn't he really just want his contract reworked, knowing the Cards are hardly likely to break up the Boldin-Larry Fitzgerald combo after going to such great lengths to keep Fitzgerald?

Maybe so. But golly, a sensible agent wouldn't request a trade just to stir up the contract pot, would he? I mean, that could create all kinds of fallout, bad feeling toward his client. I'm sure Boldin's agent, whoever he is, isn't that sort of fellow. Hold on, I'm looking up the agent's name in the NFLPA listings, let's see, Arizona Cardinals... Bienemann, Blackstock, Boldin... Hmmm. "Drew Rosenahus," it says here.

Never mind.