Donovan and the fans

Today, the Daily News presents is 32-page Eagles and NFL season preview.

We take an in-depth look at the relationship between quarterback Donovan McNabb and the Eagles fans, a relationship filled with plenty of ups and downs as it heads into its 10th year.

"You have people who really like you. You have people who don't mind talking bad about you," McNabb said. "And then you have people who are kind of off to the side, and just want to see a winning football team," people whose perceptions of the quarterback remain malleable.

"Talk radio is big out here in Philadelphia. But they don't really focus on the people who really admire the things you do, or really just enjoy watching Philadelphia Eagles football," McNabb said. "I don't focus on that. I think it's important when you do any job, play any sport here in Philadelphia, take pride in your work. We know it's not going to be roses every day. You're going to have some tough days. But it's all in how you're able to overcome that adversity and bounce back and do your job to the best of your ability."

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McNabb also talked about how Philly is different than Chicago, where he grew up as a Bulls fan.

He remembers going to Bulls games here and there during the Michael Jordan era. He said he doesn't remember ever booing his heroes. He doesn't remember anybody in his family ever booing them.

"I wasn't one of those guys that boo athletes,'' McNabb said, "because I see no point in it. It's not like he's going to look up at you and say, 'Thank you . . . Thanks a lot, that helps!' . . . You understood how, some people have tough days.''

You all probably have your favorite and least favorite McNabb moments. Here are 10 we highlighted, both good and bad.

McNabb is not the only Philadelphia superstar who has had tangled relationships with the Philly sports fans. Among the others that we highlighted: Mike Schmidt, Charles Barkley and Randall Cunningham.

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