Donovan Reiterates, and Hobnobs

   Like me, you've probably been waiting breathlessly over the past month for Donovan McNabb to update his blog.

   Maybe he's just been too busy following the Flyers' playoff run.

   In case you hadn't noticed, our long wait is over. In his most recent post, Donovan talks about his work for hypertension awareness, his visit with Gov. Rendell and the Pa. legislature, and reiterates that he is fine with the Birds' offseason moves. He looks forward to a big year from L.J. Smith, etc.

    While we're touting blogs, there's an interesting take on the Eagles' red zone history, complete with charts and graphs, on You have to scroll down a ways to find it, because I'm a few days late discovering it.

    Elsewhere, Eagles coach Andy Reid had a speaking engagement in Wilkes-Barre at the Volunteers of America Celebrity Dinner. Here is what he had to say.