Donovan Didn't Jinx 'Em

      Many years ago, when Jay Greenberg was covering the Flyers for the Daily News, one of the other local pro franchises was playing for a title. Might have been the '83 Phils in the World Series. Anyhow, Jay was acutely aware that his beat was not the focus of the newspaper right then. One day he started a story like this: "It gets lonely back here with the tire ads..."

   That's kind of how your Eagletarian is feeling these days. Not that there wasn't pot-banging and high-fiving on the front porch of the Eagletarian estate last night. But I can't compete with all these stories about the guys who broke the 25-year-drought.

    I would like to point out that though some fans feared Donovan McNabb's playoff luck might rub off on the Phils, after he read the starting lineup for Game 5 on FOX, the Phillies went on to win the game and the World Series. It took 'em a few days, but it counts.

    An account on notes that McNabb texted Jimmy Rollins after the game: "(Rollins) still was chirping an hour after hoisting the trophy, finally getting to his 43 awaiting text messages and reading one out loud, from Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb: 'Congrats, my dude. The streets is hot. Enjoy it for ya boy. We up next.' :" 

    Also, Eagles fans will note that they WILL have an opportunity to celebrate a championship at the Linc, after all. It's going to be a baseball championship, kind of the second show of the sports complex rally at the end of the parade, but hey, let's not be picky.