Rough night for the QBs, Vick's busy day

Tomorow night in Indianapolis could be rough on the quarterbacks.

The Eagles will be without four of their starting five offensive linemen because of injuries. King Dunlap will start at left tackle, with Nick Cole at left guard, Jamaal Jackson at center, Max Jean-Gilles at right guard and Winston Justice at right tackle.

Andy Reid was asked yesterday about how the injuries will affect continuity, especially since the projected offensive line will not play together during the preseason at all.

“That’s a spot that, I’ve said it before I want them to have an opportunity to play together and I think the more time they spend together the better things work," Reid said. "This is the hand we are dealt with here and we expect guys to step in and play well. We’re fortunate enough to have Max and Nick, who have been in there and Jamaal, who have played together. Then Winston has done a nice job and King has improved over this time. I expect those guys to take advantage of it, but to sit here and tell you that I wish they weren’t playing together, the five offensive linemen, yeah I do. I wish they were all in there working and getting better."

Things are not exactly great along the offensive line for the Colts, either.

Their three quarterbackswere sacked six times in 37 plays in the preseason opener against Minnesota last week. Peyton Manning went down three times in six plays.

The Colts were without right tackle Ryan Diem (back) and left tackle Charlie Johnson (shoulder). Tony Ugoh, playing in Diem's place, was in his first NFL game on the right side. Diem returned to practice yesterday.

"We did some good things," guard Mike Pollak told reporters of Friday's game. "But we let Peyton get hit too much. You've got to learn from it and move on, not dwell on the past. So guys are coming out this week looking to get better."


Aug. 27 could be a busy day for Michael Vick. That is the day of the Eagles preseason game against Jacksonville, in which Vick will be eligble to play. That also, as we reported today, is the day of a bankruptcy court proceeding in Newport News, in which Vick is expected to testify. His Chapter 11 reorganization plan still awaits approval from Judge Frank J. Santoro.

Of course, nothing would preclude Vick from being in Virginia in the morning and at the Eagles game in the evening.

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With a large contingent not making the trip to Indianapolis, Andy Reid was asked what those players would be doing back here in Philadelphia.

“They do what they need to do as far rehab and then if they chose to watch the game they chose to watch the game," he said. "They are going to see the game through the game film and studying it, so I’m not too worried about that.”


And as the probing continues on just what Michael Vick's role will be, Reid was asked about the possibility of keeping three quarterbacks active on Sundays and deactivating a special teams player.

"You have a variety of things you can do there. I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do there. Something will happen.”

Asked if all the players thought of as quarterbacks would be listed as quarterbacks, Reid said: “They’ll probably be listed as quarterbacks but we’ll see. By number that’s what they’re tied into."