Westbrook Concussion

Left tackle Jason Peters will not play today against the Chargers. Todd Herremans will take his place. (David Maialetti / Staff Photographer)

The Eagles are making this game interesting, Brent Celek just made it 28-23, but Brian Westbrook is standing on the sideline in a baseball cap. The press box announcement is that he has a concussion. That could overshadow whatever happens here.

Earlier: Five plays, 76 yards, Chargers 21-6. Eagles defense seems to have given up.

Linebackers all over the place, d-line can't tackle.

That might be all the blogging for a while.

Earlier: Jeremy Maclin pushoff killed the first drive of the second half. But good news -- Sheldon Brown is on the field, despite his hamstring injury, as the Chargers take the ball.

Earlier: Hey, another field goal! Three more of those, assuming the Chargers don't score again (and that surely won't happen), the Eagles are winning this here ballgame!

Truth is, the Birds' beleagured defense deserves better, but unless you define clutch red zone offense as grabbing your own throat, the Eagles haven't had any. The score should be tied, instead the Chargers are winning 14-6, after the Birds settled for David Akers chip shots instead of touchdowns on back-to-back drives. This last third down was my absolute favorite Donovan McNabb why-do-that? maneuver, the 2-yard dump to Brent Celek on third and goal from the 9. McNabb had all day to throw, yet the only possibility was a dump to a guy who had about a half dozen Chargers between him and the end zone? Really?

If you'd like a little more bad news, apparently Sheldon Brown, one of two corners left who have played siginificant minutes this season, has suffered a hamstring injury. No word on a possible return.

Earlier: Wouldn't you like to know if Eldra Buckley might have gotten in on third and goal from the 1? We in the press box sure would. Instead, we were treated to a Fox graphic explaining to us how the Eagles apparently didn't score last week in a similar situation. Who knew?

Of course, the three goal-line plays were the usual jumble of why-do-that? Especially the rollout incomplete pass to Brent Celek WHEN THERE SEEMED TO BE NO ONE LINED UP OVER THE CENTER AND DONOVAN MCNABB COULD HAVE WALKED INTO THE END ZONE.

So it's 14-3, and looking really bleak.

Earlier:So far, the offense has no traction whatsoever, and is giving the banged-up defense no help, on a day when it needed some. The Chargers have a 14-0 lead after a 10-play, 82-yard drive. First downs are 10-1, rushing yards are 59-2. We thought the Eagles needed to run the ball today to have a chance. You see how that's going.

Earlier: The Eagles' banged-up defense needed not to be put in tough spots against Phillip Rivers and the potent Chargers today. Then the Birds failed to get a first down on their initial series -- a slow-developing screen to Brent Celek never had a chance on third and 4 from the 11 -- and Sav Rocca shanked a 30-yard punt, and, well, the defense was in a tough spot.

The Chargers needed six plays to make it 7-0. They caught the Birds in a blitz on second and 10 from the 20 and Rivers hit fullback Mike Tolbert short over the middle, with nobody in his path to the end zone.

By the way, notice how well the Wildcat always seems to work AGAINST the Eagles?

Earlier: Well, despite his "I'm playing" declaration Friday after being listed as "questionable" for today, Eagles left tackle Jason Peters is inactive with an ankle injury. Todd Herremans is your left tackle, Nick Cole moves from right to left guard, and Stacy Andrews starts at right guard -- the alignment the Eagles used during the time Peters was out of last week's game getting his ankle X-rayed. Let's hope Stacy got some pointers last night from his brother Shawn, who Tweeted that he was visiting his teammates. And you thought the Big Kid wouldn't even know they were supposed to be out here!

Also out is safety Quintin Demps, another ankle sprain sufferer, who was scheduled to return kicks, in the wake of Ellis Hobbs' season-ending neck injury. No word on exactly what that means; the leading candidates to take over are a couple of rookies, Macho Harris and Jeremy Maclin.

Corner Jack Ikegwuonu, brought up from the practice squad last week, is inactive. Ditto o-lineman Mike McGlynn,running back P.J.Hill,  and the two guys we already knew were out, WR Kevin Curtis and weakside linebacker Akeem Jordan. Kevin Kolb is third quarterback.

Lots of Eagles fans made the trip and got tickets, it would seem, from the boisterous chanting during warmups. Traveling to California must have loosened their inhibitions -- usually they're such a circumspect bunch.

Stay tuned for more.