DeSean runs on Shaq's show


The event involving DeSean Jackson was not quite as advertised, but Jackson is certainly fast and certainly showed good hands in passing the baton.

Jackson, Maureece Greene and Shaquille O'Neal faced Chris Johnson, Dwight Howard and Tyson Gay in a 200-meter relay. Jackson ran the middle 100 meters against Johnson. Green ran the first 50 against Howard and O'Neal ran the final 50 against Gay.

Gay's team ended up with a narrow victory, finishing in 23.13 seconds. O'Neal's team finished in 23.04 seconds.

Jackson's team was a bit behind after the first leg, but he made up ground, handing a narrow lead to O'Neal. He lost the lead to Gay in the final strides.

O'Neal easily beat Gay in a head-to-head race, with O'Neal getting a 30-meter head start. Gay had to run 60 meters to O'Neal's 30. Shaq covered the 30 meters in 4.36 seconds 




The episode of the ABC reality show "Shaq Vs.," featuring Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson airs tonight at 9 o'clock. As we have told you previously, the show was taped this spring in Los Angeles.

In the weekly show, Shaquille O'Neal faces other athletes or entertainers in their chosen field.

In this episode, O'Neal is joined by Jackson, the Titans' Chris Johnson and Dwight Howard, of the Orlando Magic, for a 200-meter race against Tyson Gay. 

By the way, Shaq also tries to beat Rachael Ray in a contest of who makes the best burger.

We now return you to our regularly schedule football conversation.