DeSean hopes to be 'an Eagle for my career'

DeSean Jackson told fans last night that he hopes to be "an Eagle for my career." (David Maialetti / Staff Photographer)

The talk surrounding DeSean Jackson's contract situation has died down with the start of the season, and other issues taking precedence.

Despite his presumed unhappiness, Jackson told fans last night that he is hopeful of a long tenure with the Eagles.

"I put in a lot of hard work and dedication in my team and my play and hope to be an Eagle for my career," Jackson wrote in a session in which he answered fans' questions on Twitter.

"I was so happy to be drafted by the Eagles and felt forturnate to be drafted by one of the good teams," he wrote in response to a followup question.

Some other comments:

Individual goal for the season: "As many TD's as possible." 

Michael Vick: "I think Michael Vick will do good for us."

Leonard Weaver injury: "It hurts to have Weaver gone but we have a goal and that is to win games and get to the Super Bowl."

Special teams: " I love returning punts. Most definitley want to continue to do it."

Favorite team growing up: "My favorite team growing up was the Steelers because my parents were die hard steeler fans and from Pitt."

Why he wears No. 10: "In High School and College I was #1 and when I got into the League you cant have that number so I put a 0 at the end of it."

Jackson said he hopes to do another session with fans in the near future.


Injured fullback Leonard Weaver tweeted last night that he will have surgery Tuesday to repair his torn ACL. In a subsequent tweet, he confirmed to the Daily News that the surgery will be performed by Dr. James Andrews.


Earlier this week, Troy Aikman's reaction on Fox in the immediate aftermath of Stewart Bradley stumbling and falling to the ground following a concussion was often quoted. "It’s hard to imagine him coming back into the game with all the attention paid to head injuries.”

Of course, moments later, Bradley returned to the game for a few plays before being taken out for the rest of the day. Both Aikman and Joe Buck said they were surprised that Bradley returned.

In an interview with the New York Times yesterday, Aikman said he wanted to be cautious about weighing in on concussions and not play doctor. His own concussion history is well-documented, something he is reluctant to talk about.

“When I saw him staggering and unable to control his body, it was as tough as anything I’ve ever seen," Aikman told the Times. "Maybe I could have been stronger. But I felt I addressed it and the fans knew where I stood. I didn’t feel a need to showboat.”  

He compared it to seeing Joe Theismann’s leg snapped by Lawrence Taylor in 1985.


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