DeSean has concussion; Reid on the QBs

DeSean Jackson has a concussion, the fifth Eagles player to be diagnosed with a concussion since the regular season began.

On a third-and-6 play in the second quarter from the Falcons' 32. Kevin Kolb, desperate to avoid a sack that would have taken the Birds out of field goal range, flipped a high pass to Jackson across the middle. Jackson got his hands on it, but as he came down, he was separated from the ball, and, apparently, his senses, by a helmet-to-chin hit from Dunta Robinson. Both players went down immediately and did not get up.

Crowds gathered around each man as they lay, a few feet from one another, near the Falcons' sideline. Eventually, both were helped to their feet and walked off the field, supported by a trainer at each shoulder. They disappeared down their respective tunnels.

He was poised to have a breakout day, having run for one touchdown, from 34 yards, and having caught a 34-yard TD strike for the other Eagles score.

“[Jackson] was on fire,” coach Andy Reid said. “He was off to a big day. It’s too bad it happened that way. He’s a tough little nut. Hopefully, he’ll be OK … When they take both players off and neither comes back, that’s a violent collision.”

Reid said he was not aware whether Jackson had lost consciousness. “He was awake when I was out there,” Reid said.

As for Robinson, Falcons coach Mike Smith said: "I know I saw him after the ballgame and he seems to be fine. Of course it was a very violent collision between those two guys. And that’s really all I know. I know that he was not going to be able to come back in the ballgame.”

Jackson's concussion follows those suffered by Kolb, Stewart Bradley, Asante Samuel and Riley Cooper. Antonio Dixon suffered a concussion in training camp.

Reid answered several questions about Michael Vick, who did not arrive at the stadium until 12:15. Reid said he and Vick met and he told Vick that he would only play in an emergency for a handoff or goal line play.

Vick, tabbed as the third quarterback, remained in the locker room and did not dress for the game.

“I kept him in the locker room and kept him away from anything that happened on the field,” Reid said. “I wasn’t going to let him in the game and throw the football. The chances of him getting in were slim to none .. It was completely for an emergency. The coaches already had receivers coached up to take snaps if it was an extended period.”

Pressed again about Vick’s arrival, Reid said, “You’re killing me. I told the kid to show up at 12:15. He showed up at 12:15. That was it. Enjoy the win.”

Reid said Vick was making “huge strides” in recovering from a rib cartilage injury. The Eagles visit Tennessee next Sunday. Reid would not say that Vick would be ready for next week. The Eagles have the bye after the game against the Titans.

Many questions focused on whether Vick would remain the starter, given how Kolb’s play has made Reid’s decision harder.

“This is a beautiful thing,” Reid said. “I told you that before and reiterated it. If you are sitting here with two good quarterbacks, then I’m a happy guy.”

Asked how he would make the decision, Reid said, “Take Michael Kolb and we go play, baby.”

Asked again, Reid said, “That’s what I get paid to do. That’s what I do. I will make the right decision there.”

Kolb lost his job after he suffered a concussion in the opener against Green Bay, although that was more a function of how Vick played when got the chance to start. Could Vick lose his because of injury?

“It’s a crazy thing,” Reid said. “I might have all kinds of surprises. That’s what’s so great about it. Enjoy it. I will promise you we will have one of them out there.”

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