DeSean has concussion

DeSean Jackson suffered a concussion after taking a hard hit in the third quarter. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson suffered a concussion, coach Andy Reid said after the 27-24 victory over the Redskins.

Jackson left the game midway through the third quarter with what initially was termed a head and neck injury. He was looked at on the sideline and then taken into the locker room.

"We will just see how he does and do the tests here," Reid said. "He just was a little groggy, “but he was able to get up and get off the field and all that fairly quick.”

Reid said Jackson did not lose consciousness, unlike Brian Westbrook, who suffered the first of his two concussions in the first meeting against Washington. Westbrook was concussed against San Diego and has not returned.

Running back LeSean McCoy said he spoke with Jackson after the game. "He's fine. He's smiling. He'll be back." However, McCoy said he did not know if Jackson would be able to play next week against Atlanta.

Asked about Jackson, Donovan McNabb said, "I’m not a doctor. I don’t know much about it, but I do know it takes time … He’s a big-time talent who has come into his own this year. We are just going to have to spread it around."


As for the game, Reid started with saying he "shot himself in the foot" with the onside kick to begin the game. 

"Obviously, not the right thing," Reid said, when asked what he saw that led him to try to an onside kick to start the game. "They played a five-man line. I thought we could sneak one in there. That was wrong. Although it looked that way, it was not pulling it out of the sky. If I think it’s there, we’re going to go for it. Sometimes you’re going to make it and sometimes you’re not."

The Eagles struggled at the start of the second half and then rebounded with a fourth-quarter comeback for the second consecutive game.

"We started the game decent," Reid said. "Offensively, we didn’t start the second half very well. Guys ended up making some plays and we pushed through."


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