DeSean on Kolb and Vick

Eagles wide receiver made the first of his weekly Tuesday appearances tonight on Comcast SportsNet's "Daily News Live." Here are excerpts from his interview:

On Kevin Kolb’s prowess as an Eagles starter:

"This is his first game starting and everyone wants to look at it like he hasn’t done too much during preseason, he hasn’t scored a touchdown yet, but it’s still early and a lot of people are sitting here judging it and saying a lot of things. As a wide receiver in this locker room and working with this guy all off season and since I have been a rookie, (I can tell you that) he has a lot of potential, it just takes time.

What it was like in the huddle with Mike Vick coming in given it was Vick’s serious game action for the first time in quite some time?

"Everybody knows how dynamic Michael Vick is an what he is able to do to put pressure on a defense and things like that. Once we knew Kolb wasn’t coming back into the game, we didn’t have any choice but to rally up our energy around him and help be successful and help us win this game (against Green Bay last Sunday). At lot of people don’t realize is that he doesn’t really practice with the ones as much as Kolb gets, but he is in there with different packages and doing different things. For him to not have those reps and still come in there and do some of the things he did, it was a good thing and it gave us a chance to get back into game."

On Jamaal Jackson being on IR now and what he meant to that line and what kind of a loss it is without him

"It’s a huge loss. It’s very sad to see Jamaal in the training room after the game very upset and crying. To get him back to where he was after having knee surgery (last season) and all the hard work he did in training camp and the long hours he put in to get that knee right for him to have an injury like that with his bicep, man, it was devastating.

On the concussions and the injury problems in the league:

"It’s a dangerous game, man, for as long as I can remember, even watching the NFL growing up, I knew it was a hardnosed game, its smashmouth football. Everybody is out there trying to smash somebody and kill somebody and it’s just the game we play. Gotta keep your head on swivel and protect yourself, but sometimes things do happen that are out of your control."

On who is better for the team right now at QB, Kolb or Vick:

"I just wanna win games, man, that’s all that really matters to me. Kolb is our quarterback like coach Reid said, and I am not someone that can overrule what a coach says. I am still confident in Kolb and hopefully he can get back as soon as possible so everybody can get off us a little bit and we can have some success."

On the Inez Sains situation and has he ever witnessed anything like that :

"I have never seen anything like that. It does become time when we are in there and our privacy is our privacy, but I always have tried to keep it professional and know that I am at a business site, so these are issues I can’t really speak for…but I don’t really know man, I don’t know what’s going on over there (with the Jets)."

Toughest defensive back he’s ever faced in the NFL

"Champ Bailey, he’s pretty good; he was pretty tough for me last year. I had to pull out every trick in the hat."

On the NFL’s policy on tweeting:

"Yeah, I am a big time tweeter, but the rules are the rules, I can’t go against it, it just is what it is."

Who would win a foot race him or Vick?

"Mike Vick is not in his younger years anymore, I think I can take him. He might run a 4.5 right now, I’m still running 4.2s."

On a potential iPhone app like Chad Ochocinco:

"Y’all reading my mind over there, soon to be, soon to be. When it goes down you’ll be one of the first people I tell."


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