DeSean says he's in 'tip-top shape'; best Eagle poll

DeSean Jackson led the Eagles in receiving yards and yards per catch in 2010. (Yong Kim/Staff file photo)

A few Eagles nuggets on what is being billed as an important day in the NFL labor talks, as the sides gather in New York City:


Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson has spent much of his offseason on the West Coast, doing a lot of charity work -- including visits to several prisons and youth football camps -- and running up a pretty big bar tab at a club with his new record label (as you might have read about).

Jackson has not been among the Eagles to take part in the players only informal workouts in South Jersey or in Michael Vick's passing camp last month.

But Jackson says he is in great shape, writing on Twitter yesterday, "Just finished up a great workout!! My routes is nice!! I'm in Tip Top shape ready to Go!!"

Jackson also took part in the hilarious NFL lockout spoof posted on the website "Funny or Die," along with a host of other NFL players and actor Taylor Lautner, plus some neat cameos. It is worth checking out if you have not seen it.

* is doing a poll of the best player for each franchise. The site has narrowed the choices for each team to five players.

For the Eagles, the five are Chuck Bednarik, Brian Dawkins, Steve Van Buren, Reggie White and Donovan McNabb.

(As an aside, be interesting to see how many votes Michael Vick receives as the best player in Atlanta Falcons history, given his exit).

So, who do you have among the group? Do you think someone is missing from the list?


Eagles second-year tight end Clay Harbor is splitting his time this offseason between Springfield, Mo., and his hometown of Dwight, Ill., but said he is continuing to get his work in to improve.

"I'm trying to work hard and get better every day," Harbor said. "A lot of guys probably aren't doing that and are using it for extra vacation time or to do this or that.

"If I work hard, it's a chance for me to better myself from the competition."

He said he has remained in frequent contact with starting tight end Brent Celek and backup quarterback Mike Kafka.

"When we start missing days in training camp, maybe that will be a wake-up call," he said. "We get paid on a game-to-game basis. That's when players will start worrying.

"But I think (players and owners) understand how much there is to lose by not having a season. It would be shocking to me if it comes to that."


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