DeSean on benching: 'I just have to live with it'

(Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

DeSean Jackson watched the end of the game from the bench, chatting at one point with Joselio Hanson, while the other starters remained in for the remainder of the game.

"It was the decision that was made," Jackson said. "As a player, I just have to live with it, it happened, and I have to keep coming to work, give my best effort and play hard. Come next week, I am going to make those plays.”

Jackson was the first player up the tunnel as the Eagles trudged off the field.

Jackson said he had a good relationship with Andy Reid. He said he did not know if the coaches were displeased with his play.

"We are all human at the end of the day. We are all human," he said. "As a professional, I have to bounce back. Week to week it’s always different. This week we are talking about this and next week we might be talking about something else. It’s up to me to go out there and, as a team, the Philadelphia Eagles; we have to do what we need to do to win games.” 

Jackson was thrown to 10 times by Vince Young and finished with four catches for 73 yards, including a 44-yarder. The bigger issue was what was not on the stat sheet: two costly drops.

“I just wanted to give the other guys an opportunity,” coach Andy Reid said.

Asked if Jackson was benched, Reid said, “I wanted to give the other guys a chance to make a play.”

Asked later if he was satisfied with how Jackson played, Reid said, “I already answered that. We all have to do a little better.”

Asked once more if he was disappointed that Jackson was not on the field at the end of the game, Reid said, "To sit up here after a game like that, I’m disappointed in a lot of things – starting with myself. I didn’t have my team ready to go. That’s why I start with me. You can ask me any type of disappointment question that you want and I’m probably there. We have to figure it out and get back and make sure that we get it right.”

Jackson, when speaking to reporters at his locker, on the two drops, said: "Things happen sometimes as a player. I'm honestly upset about it. It wasn't one of my best games as far as a couple of plays I thought I could have had. At the end of the day, I didn't come up with them. I've just got to move on and make other plays. I know I'm a better receiver. Them are plays I should have made. No excuses behind that. But I just didn t have my best game today. It's just frustrating but I've got to figure it out."

In a session with reporters at his locker, Jackson used the term frustrated or frustrating several times in trying to explain what is happening with this team.

"I don't know. Obviously, things aren't the same. The results aren't the same. I wish I could sit here and tell you but it's just very frustrating. We're a way better team than this, going through the same things periodically throughtout this year. It's just very frustrating. But it come to a point in time where we have to figure it out."

Quarterback Vince Young on whether he was disappointed with the Jackson drops, "Not really disappointed. You know I have respect for each and every one of the guys on this team and I know that he gave 100 percent effort. Sometimes you don’t make a catch, sometimes I don’t make the throw. You know, pretty much everybody, sometimes you don’t make that tackle. So the biggest thing is we have to continue to stay strong, continue to keep putting things in the past and move forward to the next player, next team, next whatever. Just play for four quarters. And I can honestly say that we fought to the end.”


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