DeSean congratulates Fitzgerald on new deal

Will DeSean Jackson want a deal similar to Larry Fitzgerald's eight-year, $120 million deal? (AP Photos)

The massive contract that Arizona receiver Larry Fitzgerald has agreed to did not go unnoticed by a certain Eagles receiver seeking a new contract.

As word filtered out about Fitzgerald's deal, DeSean Jackson posted this message: "Congrats to my Big bro LarryFitzgerald!! Well deserved.. Wideouts ballin!!"

Fitzgerald's deal is for 8 years and $120 million with $50 million guaranteed. The $15 million average would tie him for the fifth-highest salary in the league, with four quarterbacks topping the list. It is by far the highest for a wide receiver. Carolina's Steve Smith is second at $10.9 million average annual value.

Jackson is not Fitzgerald and there is no argument to be made that he is. That is not the point. However, whenever a receiver gets a headline-grabbing deal, the question will be asked about whether the Eagles and Jackson view Jackson's value in the same way and what it will take to get a deal done.

You have to wonder if Drew Rosenhaus was listening when offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg was asked Sunday about Jackson's average of 22.5 yards per catch.

"Yards-per-catch is a huge correlation to winning," Mornhinweg said. "That's a tribute to his skill and ability.  He’s excellent in the yards-per-catch area and that’s a plus for our team.”

He was then asked what he looks for in a No. 1 wide receiver, but instead of praising Jackson further, he dovetailed into extolling Jeremy Maclin. 

“What makes a number one? I’ve never thought about that, really," he said. "I’ve never thought about a number one or a number two ... If a man is good enough to have consistent high level of play then he’s good enough to be your starter and you play to his strengths. I think so highly about Jeremy Maclin. I think he is so underrated ... The guy is a touchdown maker, I mean he catches touchdowns. He’s a big, strong, physical guy ... So I think we have two top players at the receiver spot and more than that really, I think there are more guys on our football team that could be a starting type of a receiver.”

As he promised when he ended his holdout, Jackson has not said anything publicly about his contract situation since his arrival.

"I know what I’m here for, and that’s to play football," Jackson said then. "That’s my livelihood. That’s what I love to do, so at the end of the day man I’m just going to keep going out there with a smile on my face regardless of ups and downs. I know where my destination is, and my destiny is to be here and to be an Eagle. So I just want to, like I said, just keep doing the right things and working hard and hopefully everything pans out.”


The Eagles were among 17 teams that had a representative at Terrelle Pryor's workout yesterday in the Pittsburgh area. Most teams sent area scouts to do due dilligence, although Colts owner Jim Irsay and Steelers coach Mike Tomlin were among those in attendance.

The former Ohio State quarterback is the most prominent player available in Monday's supplemental draft.

Pryor said that he will not appeal his five-game suspension and he will sign with whatever team selected him. Pryor could bypass the team that selects him and go into next year's draft.

Pryor also said that he wants to play quarterback, although some teams might want to consider him as a wide receiver or even tight end.


A number of fans have questioned whether the Eagles' play was a reflection of the decision to cancel the last afternoon practice and then break camp a day early. Here is Andy Reid on that issue:

“I don’t see a correlation," he said. "Listen, the guys are going to have time, they have to know how to use it and coaches have to know how to use it and we all have to work on this thing together.

"I was disappointed. And I always start with myself on this so there were a ton of things that I could do better in that game on getting this football team ready and myself ready for this game. So that goes for every coach and every player. All of us have a piece of that pie and so one of the things about all players, and really everybody in this room is that you try to make people around you a little bit better. You take care of your business and be the best that you can be and then you make everybody around you better. And we’re all in this thing to do that ... We’re coming together and we didn’t do it well enough. But there’s some great lessons to be learned going into Pittsburgh against a championship-caliber team and tested yourself knowing exactly the mindset next time you’re put into that situation that you have to have. And the execution is crucial whether it’s plays coming in from the sideline, whether it’s communication from the huddle, whether I’m putting guys in the right position or using the timeouts the right way and so on and so forth. There’s always, or penalties. All of those things, we all have a little piece of that thing."


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