DeSean Sees 'Fresh Start'

"I’m ready to get out there on the field," DeSean Jackson said. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

BETHLEHEM -- One big difference between veteran reporting day last year and this year, at Eagles training camp: DeSean Jackson not only showed up on time, he was smiling and optimistic.

"The jitters are kind of coming back. I’m ready to get out there on the field," Jackson said as he checked into his fifth Lehigh camp, with a new five-year, $47 million deal, signed in March. "This offseason has been great for myself and for the team."

Jackson showed up late for camp last year, as part of an ongoing contract dispute that he has acknowledged affected his play most of the season. Wide receivers coach David Culley underscored that point vividly Monday, acknowledging that Jackson was reluctant to go over the middle and risk another concussion wihile still playing under his rookie deal in 2011.

"As far as me, I’m going to be accountable for everything I need to do, to help this team get some wins," Jackson said Wednesday.

Jackson said he looks forward to a "fresh start."

"It’s a new year," he said, when asked about his 2011 struggles. "I live in the future. I live moving forward. I don’t like to go off the past. I like to better myself off the past. As far far as last year to today, I can’t really explain that, but I’m happy to be here, start fresh, start anew. It’s going to be a good year for us."

Speaking of which, quarterback Michael Vick upped the stakes on that last week, Vick divining the ingredients of a possible dynasty.

"They’re always going to find stuff to give us madness about as far as being a Philadelphia Eagle," Jackson said. "I think anything someone says or puts in the media, I think they’re all going to make it a big situation because we are the Philadelphia Eagles and we have a lot of ifs on us. I think everybody on our team knows how important this year is. Everybody has a common goal, which is to win the Super Bowl. As long as everybody is putting in the effort … playing together as one team,. I think the sky’s the limit.

"To see the Giants win the Super Bowl last year, and just to know how we play against them, honestly, it kind of bothers me a lot. We’re just ready, man. We’re going to go out there and put in the work, be excited about a big 2012 year."

Reporters took one more shot at trying to get Jackson to discuss the difference between this year and last year for him, asking about having a clearer mind, not worried about the contract. 

"It’s clear right now, man, that’s all I can really say," Jackson said. "It’s been a great offseason. I worked very hard to get me where I’m at right now. Gained a little bit of weight, as well. Been running track … I think I even got a little faster, so, it’s going to be a good year for us."

How much does he weigh now?

"174," he said.

A move to linebacker might be imminent.


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