DeSean Optimistic About Contract

DeSean Jackson is seeking a long-term deal with the Eagles. (Michael Bryant/Staff Photographer)

One thing a lot of people thought the Eagles would have by now but don't, along with a winning record, would be DeSean Jackson's signature on a contract extension.

Several weeks ago, the Jackson camp felt the bye week break would be a contract catalyst. Obviously, nothing was announced last week, but today, Jackson seemed to be hinting that the process is moving along. The Eagles have until Nov. 14 to count the deal under this year's cap.

"Sometimes it does get hard," Jackson said, when asked about risking injury every week under the terms of his rookie deal, which will pay him about $600,000 this season. "But I think it will work out. After the bye week now, there's a lot more time for things to get done."

Jackson also said he is not pressing to make big plays. In response to another question he said he thinks the contract will happen "sooner or later."

Of course, the Eagles can franchise Jackson next season rather than letting him walk away in free agency. 

Jackson was asked about Dallas defensive coordinator Rob Ryan's preseason comments about kicking the ass of the "all-hype" team, which people inferred was the Eagles, As much as that seems like ancient history now, this weekend's game is the first meeting between the teams since those remarks.

"For a coach to really say that, it's hard for me to kind of respect that because a coach is not really out there playing," Jackson said.

Jackson also was asked about corner Asante Samuel's comments yesterday, in which Samuel indicated the front office was playing "fantasy football," and that Eagles coach Andy Reid is in a power struggle.

"I can't really get into that," Jackson said, because he doesn't know the particulars of the situation, but Jackson said he understands Samuel feeling estranged over trade talk. "I can kind of understand how he felt," Jackson said.


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