DeSean Jackson at No. 29 in NFL countdown

Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson was ranked 29th on the NFL Network's Top 100 Players list. (Yong Kim/Staff File Photo)

The whole idea behind the NFL Network's Top 100 players is to stir debate, and it actually is nice to be able to talk about the merits of something football related instead of labor related.

Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson was revealed on the list last night at No. 29. He is ranked No. 21 in the fan voting.

The immediate response on Twitter last night was a fairly balanced mix between overrated and underrated.

Jackson is two spots below Calvin Johnson and five below Roddy White among the group revealed last night. Reggie Wayne is No. 31, Wes Welker is at No. 50.

Teammate Todd Herremans handled the introduction on the show.

“DeSean’s like one of the biggest competitors I’ve met,” Herremans said. “He wants to win and he wants to be the guy that makes it so that we win. He’s that playmaker that always wants the ball in his hands as the game’s running out."

Jackson was named to the Pro Bowl with 47 receptions, 1,056 yards and six touchdowns, along with his abilities as a return man (see the Giants game for reference).

So, where do you stand on this -- overrrated, underrated or where he belongs?