DeSean Doesn't Dismiss QB Change

DeSean Jackson thinks Michael Vick is less comfortable running the offense than in previous years. (David Maialetti/Staff file photo)

Eagles wideout DeSean Jackson appeared on the NFL Network's "NFL AM" show Tuesday. Jackson was asked several questions about quarterback Michael Vick, and he didn't exactly rally to Vick's cause.

Asked about the possibility of change, Jackson said: "We are too good of a team to be on a three-game losing streak, so whatever it is we can do to get things rolling, that is what we are here to do."

Jackson was asked if a QB switch would help. "You never know until it happens," he said.

On what is different with Michael Vick lately, Jackson said: "I don't think he is as comfortable as he usually is."

That answer begged for followup. Did DJax mean the patchwork o-line is keeping Vick from getting comfortable? Or that the heat Vick has taken for turnovers has made him tentative? Or was he talking about something else entirely?

It'd be nice to know.

Asked about Andy Reid, Jackson was more openly supportive.

"This is a big year for us," he said. "There is no room to be struggling. I know coach Reid's back is against the wall. We just have to figure it out."

Jackson's answer to a question about how to improve the Eagles seemed ironic, after his "you never know until it happens" response to the QB change question.

"Everyone can't look at anyone else and question (them)," he said. "It has to start with each individual ... look at their mistakes and correct them."

The Eagles seem to have given up on the long strikes that are Jackson's forte. He has become a short-range target, expected to make his yards after the catch, which he did memorably on one play against Atlanta, gaining 32 yards, but has not been able to do consistently. Jackson has 34 catches for 524 yards through seven games.

On the same show, former Eagles QB Donovan McNabb said switching to Nick Foles would not help, that the Eagles "have more issues than just the quarterback position."

McNabb said it was important that Vick block out all the talk about his status and maintain his focus.


The weekly day-after Andy Reid news conference that was postponed Monday because of Hurricane Sandy was postponed again Tuesday. Presumably, Reid will speak Wednesday, and clear up the matter of who will quarterback the Eagles Monday night in New Orleans.