Dawkins: Reid should be on hot seat

Should Andy Reid be on the hot seat? (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

The always introspective Brian Dawkins has had some interesting things to say following his retirement.

During a wide-ranging interview on NFL.com's "Cover 2" podcast, he talked about the number of hits he took in his career, Terrell Owens and his former coach Andy Reid.

Dawkins was asked whether Reid deserves to be on the hot seat.

"Yes, here's the thing," Dawkins said. "When you go out and you get some of the pieces that they got. That's telling the fan base something. Even coming into this year ... some of the things they're doing this offseason, that's telling the fan base something. You then have to show ... what are you as a coach."

The Eagles have had a positive offseason, taking care of their own players, bringing in DeMeco Ryans from Houston and adding Fletcher Cox in the draft.

"This is the year to me that says . . . If there was a chance for this team go far it should be this year. You should know your team, you should know who can do what," Dawkins said.