Daily News' Super Bowl quiz

Before reaching for yet another chicken wing or potato chip, why not check out this Super Bowl quiz first? Actually, before you do that, wipe off your fingers. Nothing’s worse than a greasy keyboard. Enjoy the game.

Check back on Eagletarian tomorrow for answers to this quiz and Daily News' staff Super Bowl predictions.



1. Who holds the record for most career fumbles? Hint he was 2-2 in Supes.

2. Who holds the record for most touchdowns?

3. Name the four undefeated teams in Super Bowl play.

4. Who is the only Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback to lose a Super Bowl?

5. Which players have the longest touchdown run and the longest touchdown catch respectively?



1. Who were the MVPs in the Eagles’ Super Bowl appearances?

2. Name the four Eagles to score touchdowns in the Super Bowl.

3. Which wide receiver’s catch represents the longest play in Eagles’ Super Bowl history? Greg Lewis, Terrell Owens, Rodney Parker or Charlie Smith.

4. Terrell Owens’ nine catches in Supe 39 are the most ever by an Eagle. Who has the second most?

5. The Eagles are one of four teams to appear in multiple Super Bowls without a win. Who are the other three?



1. Who is the only Penn State alum to win an MVP?

2. This one’s easy. Name the three players to win multiple MVPs.

3. This one’s hard. Name the only college to produce three players to win Super Bowl MVPs. Hint: None of them was a quarterback.

4. Who was the last defensive player to be named MVP?

5. Six guys whose last names begin with an S have won MVPs. Name them.


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