DN Super Bowl quiz answers

Here are the answers to the Super Bowl quiz we posted here on Eagletarian yesterday. If you want to take the quiz before you look below, click here for the questions only. Back later with Super Bowl predictions and more.


1. Who holds the record for most career fumbles? Hint he was 2-2 in Supes.

A. Dallas quarterback Roger Staubach had five fumbles in four Supes.

2. Who holds the record for most touchdowns?

A. San Francisco/Oakland wide receiver Jerry Rice holds the record with eight touchdowns.

3. Name the four undefeated teams in Super Bowl play.

A. San Francisco (5-0), N.Y. Jets, Baltimore and Tampa Bay (one each) are the only teams undefeated in Super Bowl play.

4. Who is the only Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback to lose a Super Bowl?

A. Neil O’Donnell was the Steelers’ quarterback when they lost to Dallas in Supe 30.

5. Which players have the longest touchdown run and the longest touchdown catch respectively?


A. Pittsburgh running back Willie Parker had a 75-yard touchdown run in Supe 40 and Carolina wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad had an 85-yard TD reception (from Jake Delhomme) in Supe 38.


1. Who were the MVPs in the Eagles’ Super Bowl appearances?

A. Oakland quarterback Jim Plunkett (Supe 15), New England wide receiver Deion Branch (39).

2. Name the four Eagles to score touchdowns in the Super Bowl.

A. Keith Krepfle (Supe 15), L.J. Smith, Brian Westbrook, Greg Lewis (39).

3. Which wide receiver’s catch represents the longest play in Eagles’ Super Bowl history? Greg Lewis, Terrell Owens, Rodney Parker or Charlie Smith.

A. Charlie Smith had a 43-yard catch in SB 15.

4. Terrell Owens’ nine catches in Supe 39 are the most ever by an Eagle. Who has the second most?

A. Brian Westbrook had seven catches in SB 39.

5. The Eagles are one of four teams to appear in multiple Super Bowls without a win. Who are the other three?


A. Buffalo (0-4), Minnesota (0-4), Cincinnati (0-2).


1. Who is the only Penn State alum to win an MVP?

A. Pittsburgh running back Franco Harris (SB 9).

2. This one’s easy. Name the three players to win multiple MVPs.

A. San Francisco quarterback Joe Montana (16, 19, 24), Green Bay quarterback Bart Starr (1, 2) and Pittsburgh quarterback Terry Bradshaw (13, 14) have won multiple MVPs.

3. This one’s hard. Name the only college to produce three players to win Super Bowl MVPs. Hint: None of them was a quarterback.

A. The University of Georgia is the only school with three alums to win Super Bowl MVPs: Miami safety Jake Scott (7), Denver running back Terrell Davis (32), Pittsburgh wide receiver Hines Ward (40).

4. Who was the last defensive player to be named MVP?

A. Tampa Bay safety Dexter Jackson (Supe 37).

5. Six guys whose last names begin with an S have won MVPs. Name them.


A. Green Bay quarterback Bart Starr (1, 2), Dallas quarterback Roger Staubach (6), Miami safety Jake Scott (7), Pittsburgh wide receiver Lynn Swann (10), N.Y. Giants quarterback Phil Simms (21), Dallas running back Emmitt Smith (28).