DMac on Departures

Your Eagletarian checked Donovan McNabb's blog a few times yesterday, to no avail. If we had DMac's cell number, we would have texted him with the thought that if your blog hasn't been updated in more than a month, you really don't have a blog.

Then, last night, this appeared:

"I usually don't remark about teammates unless asked but I felt it was necessary to share my thoughts on a couple of teammates that are no longer in Philadelphia. I have been a part of the Philadelphia Eagles for 10 years and I have not played a game, attended a practice, sweated in training camp, built a playground or participated in a Carnival, and more importantly dreamed of a championship parade, without Brian Dawkins and Tra Thomas being a part of it. We all had a goal of bringing a championship to this city and while we didn't achieve that goal, we have had a lot of successes during our time together. I was always confident that Tra had my blindside. When he was out there it was one less thing to worry about. As for Brian, mere words cannot explain what he has meant to me, our team, and the City of Philadelphia. He and I shared many things besides a locker room. We shared a passion for the game, a desire to make a difference, and dreams for better things.

"There may be other men to come in here and play these positions and hopefully we can share successes. I will always regret not having the chance to win a championship with these guys.

"It is important to note that I also will miss playing with a few other guys as well. Correll Buckhlater, Lito Sheppard, Greg Lewis, and Sean Considine will all be missed and I do wish them all success."


Note that DMac doesn't say anything there about wanting to be traded. If he has in fact tied the addition of "weapons" to his continued tenure here, it seems relevant to mention that the team has not exactly reacted with alacrity. Sure, a lot still can happen -- there's no way the Birds are really going to draft 12 players April 25-26, they'll move up, and maybe they'll even use some of the picks in a blockbuster trade -- but right now, the theme of the offseason is "out with the old."

On another topic, before I get yet another e-mail from indefatiguable transplated Eagles fan Frank Madara of Marvin,The King N.C., I meant to mention in my story today about the Birds' left tackle situation that they also have 2008 seventh-rounder King Dunlap, who spent his rookie season on injured reserve. I don't see the team trusting McNabb's blindside to a seventh-rounder who just spent a year as an NFL redshirt, but the guy is really huge and has great tools. He might very well figure into the reshuffled line mix as a top sub, if he looks as good this spring and summer as he looked in his rookie training camp.