DMac in the Desert

With training camp nigh, Donovan McNabb has put aside his mourning of Michael Jackson to blog about his annual get-together with receivers, out on No. 5's home turf, in suburban Phoenix.

DMac doesn't give us any names or a lot of detail. And he could use an editor -- pretty sure he means "regimen" instead of "regiment," unless he has amassed several battalions, out there in the desert.

But it's good to hear the week in Arizona went well, and that the Thursday barbecue at Casa McNabb was catered -- Roxie has enough to do, with three youngsters, including those twins born last season, who ought to be crawling around, getting into everything by now.

No word on whether the lawn has recovered from that prank preceding the NFC Championship Game six months ago. 


Here's a note intended for several of the commenters below: There are some seriously disturbed people out there; I guess I should be thankful so many of them read my blog. Some of you might want to look up the term "Rorschach test."

A little clarification. I cover the Eagles. Their quarterback blogs. I figured people might be interested in the fact that he blogged about the receivers coming out to Arizona. I posted a blog item about this. In it, I joked about his use of the word "regiment" instead of "regimen," which I thought was funny, as a typo, malapropism, or whatever. I noted that he didn't tell us a lot about who was there and exactly what they did, because, well, because he didn't tell us a lot about who was there and exactly what they did. 

 In no way did I make fun of him for having a family (???!!!) I was not and am not "bitter." I'm pretty sure most sane people who follow my work here, in the paper, and on Daily News Live would not characterize me that way. As far as I know, I have a pretty cordial relationship with Donovan, more cordial than many local reporters. 

But you guys go on and have fun among yourselves, don't mind me.Except when it comes to making up stuff I didn't say.