DMac Did Not Suggest PLax

Donovan McNabb's comments today about Plaxico Burress today were misinterpreted. (David Maialetti / Staff Photographer)

Not for the first time, Donovan McNabb's quirky speaking style and the desire of news outlets not present at his news conference to nonetheless "report" what happened caused a snafu today.

McNabb was asked, in the wake of his lobbying for the signing of Michael Vick, if he would similarly lobby for the Eagles to acquire Plaxico Burress. McNabb replied that he already had. As reporters' heads jerked up, across the NovaCare auditorium, McNabb explained: "I brought T.O. here."

McNabb was saying he had done something similar when he lobbied for the Eagles to acquire Terrell Owens in 2004.

Asked again about Burress, McNabb said "I don't think he would hurt. We have some great guys here, at our receiver position. Whatever you can do to enhance the team, you look into it."

None of this equates to McNabb lobbying to bring Burress into the Eagles' crowded WR picture, which right now might be the Eagles' deepest group. And of course, Burress, whose court case hasn't been decided, isn't really all that available.

Yet, inevitably, moments after McNabb spoke, the following appeared on the profootballtalk Web site:

"As it turns out, Mike Vick wasn't the only NFL wayward soul whom Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb (supposedly) wanted to bring to Philly.

McNabb also said during a Monday press conference that he has suggested pursuing receiver Plaxico Burress."

Except, of couruse, for the fact that he didn't.

Oh, yeah, the "supposedly" is because somebody somewhere told profootballtalk that they didn't believe McNabb lobbied to bring in Vick. Even though, at the same news conference today where he didn't say he lobbied to bring in Burress, McNabb offered details of his conversations with Vick, which he said predated management's involvement.