DJax: 'Simpler' Setup with Vick

Eagles wideout DeSean Jackson was asked today about how the offense might be different if, as expected, Michael Vick starts this week's game at Detroit in lieu of concussion victim Kevin Kolb.

"I think they're just kind of keeping it a lot simpler," Jackson said after practice. "Just going out there and doing the base stuff, trying not to have it overly complex for him. Just do things that he's comfortable with doing."

Jackson said last week's effort against the Packers "helped (Vick) get his feet under him, as far as timing and everything else."

All four of  Jackson's catches against Green Bay came after Vick replaced Kolb. Jackson said he expects to benefit from a different defensive setup this week in Detroit, but he knows that after making the Pro Bowl last year in his second season, he can count on being a defensive emphasis. He said his predraft mentor, Jerry Rice, "always told me that's when you really find out about yourself, when they double- and triple-team you."


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