Cue Maureen McGovern

   "There's got to beee a morning affftteerrr ....if weee can hold on through the niiigghht ... We have a chance to find the sunnshinne ... Let's keep on looking for the liiiighttt" ....Sorry, too early still for karaoke.

     The first day of the Eagles' draft carried a very low "wow" factor, but, hey, they got some things they needed and that extra No. 1 is going to look really good a year from now -- if you liked the Cowboys being able to take Felix Jones and Mike Jenkins yesterday in the first round, well, next year the Birds will be in that position.

      Trevor Laws and DeSean Jackson are in the NovaCare house and will be introduced to the media at noon.

       Meanwhile, the Eagles just drafted a pass rusher, defensive end Bryan Smith from McNeese State. I know Birds defensive line coach Pete Jenkins liked Smith better than some of the much more highly rated DEs, and he wasn't surprised to be drafted by Philadelphia. Downside would be he's listed at 6-2, 231, but there's a lot of that in the NFL these days. We might not be far from the day when inside linebackers are routinely larger than DEs.

   Lito Sheppard and his agents remain unvailable for comment. I'm stunned that Lito hasn't been traded. Could the Eagles adjust his contract and field the league's best cornerback grouping this season? Again, that's not a bad idea. But it would be an unusual move for this front office. (Sort of like spinning counterclockwise would be an unusual move for the earth).


Here is a transcript of the conference call that Bryan Smith conducted with Philadelphia-area reporters:

On whether he had a timeframe in mind about when he was going to be picked:
“I didn’t really have a timeframe. I was just watching it and every time a pick came up I thought, ‘Maybe this is the team,’ but the phone hadn’t rung yet. I just knew it was going to be sometime today.”

On his thoughts about playing with the Eagles:
“The Eagles are a great team. They’ve been known to have [good pass rushers], they just had Jevon Kearse. I can’t wait to get up there and show what I can do.”

On whether he knows anything about the Eagles defense:
“I don’t know anything specific, but I know they want me at defensive end and I think that would be a good spot for me.”

On whether he talked to defensive line coach Pete Jenkins at the combine:
“I had a meeting with him at the combine. I talked to the defensive coaches and some of the media guys and other coaches in the meeting also.”

On what the coaches told him in the meeting:
“They just told me how much they liked me and how [important] the pass rush was. I wasn’t sure what position they wanted me to play up there, either linebacker or defensive end. I guess they thought I had good athletic ability and wanted to see me in my spot.”

On whether they will keep him at defensive end:
“I talked to the coaches and they said they were going to keep me at defensive end.”

On playing in the Southland Conference:
“It was a pretty good conference. We had some great teams we played against. The competition was pretty stiff, but we held our own at McNeese State.”

On whether he got the impression that he was being looked at as a linebacker:
“Yes, I did.”

On whether he prefers to play defensive end:
“Yes, sir.”

On whether he played linebacker at all in college:
“I didn’t play any linebacker at all. The only time I played linebacker was in the Hula Bowl.”