Cowboys respond to Spadaro's spit

So, how do the Cowboys feel about Dave Spadaro spitting on the star at midfield in Cowboys Stadium last Sunday?

None of the Cowboys asked today seemed to care that their logo had been disrespected or inclined to use the incident as motivation, but punt returner Patrick Crayton did not think Spadaro's actions should go unpunished.

“I don’t even know what the repercussions are, what (Eagles management) did to him," he said. "I don’t know if he’s been fired or fined or anything. If there was no action, then that lets you know what the owner of Philly and the people up there think about it as well.”

The Eagles said Spadaro would not be reprimanded and will be with the team Saturday in Dallas. He issued an apology and took the video down off the Web site on Wednesday night.

"The appropriate response has been issued and we will not be commenting further," spokeswoman Pamela Browner White said.

That was fine with Dallas running back Tashard Choice: “What does it mean? Nothing. He don’t play football. I don’t know what you can say. That’s just dumb.”


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