Cowboys See the Light

Frequent e-mailer Leonard Fronczak was the first to bring my attention to what Dallas did this morning. Leonard's subject heading was: "T O released please get AR to sign him I would take him back Please Les."
Leonard then repeated the serenade offered by Eagles fans in days of yore: "T-O, T-O T-O T-O, T-O."

To which I wholeheartedly respond: "N-O, N-O N-O N-O, N-O."

I can only hope Leonard was joking.

 Here are some snippets from the news story on about the Cowboys' move, with my commentary interjected:

The Dallas Morning News reported that Owens was informed of the decision by team officials, who said the team had decided to go in a different direction.

That direction being "sanity."

In January, sources told ESPN that the Cowboys were considering releasing Owens because of the friction he caused on the team.

T.O. causes friction? Who knew? Next you're going to say smoking causes cancer!

"I think we all know that chemistry is the problem with this team more than the schemes or anything else," a Cowboys source told the network at the time. "Are we going to continue to allow talent to outweigh everything else in the decisions we make with players and putting the roster together? We're like the Redskins used to be when they signed every player they wanted. There's more to it than talent. It has to be more about the team."

"Like the Redskins used to be?" Have you looked at the free-agency headlines? The Redskins are still the Redskins, and the rest of the teams in the division are better for it. But are you telling us you've actually discovered that football is a team sport, that the whole has to exceed the sum of the parts for success to occur? Get out! Dan Snyder has his fingers in his ears right now, humming loudly, his eyes shut tight. Jerry Jones is contacting the plastic surgeon who did his facelift, to see if he can lift sagging spirits, as well. It ISN'T about assembling the loudest, most disfunctional personalities and turning your locker room into an episode of "The Real World"? If coddling players who throw sideline fits and scream at their offensive coordinator on national television is wrong, I don't want to be right!'s Matt Mosley has an excellent blog post up about the reasons why T.O. is toxic. This was the one that really had me nodding affirmatively:

"He's about to devour another quarterback: For two years, (Tony) Romo was able to avoid the fate of (Jeff) Garcia and Donovan McNabb by always deferring to T.O. But this team desperately needs Romo to take control of the locker room -- and it won't happen as long as T.O.'s around.

"Neither one of them would admit it, but they have a fraudulent relationship that's fueled by public tears and touching text-message exchanges. In reality, T.O.'s incapable of trusting anyone who doesn't go out of his way to constantly massage his ego. When the game's on the line, Romo looks to the player he's more comfortable with -- and that's (tight end Jason) Witten.

"With most receivers, a quarterback would eventually have to take them aside and tell them to shut up. But McNabb tried to do that in the huddle one time and it provided the basis for T.O.'s second book, which was co-authored by the lesser-known Rosenhaus brother. The Cowboys have made a huge investment in Romo, and so far he hasn't lived up to the expectations that he established by playing so well early in his career. I believe that Romo and the Cowboys will never take the next step -- winning a playoff game -- until T.O.'s gone"

One final thought: If anybody out there really wants to seriously suggest to me that the Eagles should bring back Terrell Owens, I am going to immediately dispatch the Eagletarian Death Squad (or at least, Max the chocolate Lab, who has terrible breath) to your door. Been there. Done that.