Countdown: 75 days until Eagles opener

Every day that goes by potentially puts the start of training camp in jeopardy. (Nam Y. Huh/AP file photo)

A quick scan of the calendar shows that the Eagles' season opener is 75 days from today, on Sept. 11 at St. Louis.

Of course, every day that goes by potentially puts the start of training camp in jeopardy. As the NFL lockout continues into its fourth month, the traveling road show of negotiations hits Minneapolis today, according to the NFL Network.

Talks have previously been held outside Chicago, New York, Maryland and Boston. At least the officials, owners and players are collecting the frequent flyer miles.

The players met with their lawyers yesterday in Minnesota, according to reports.

Speculation is that a deal would need to be reached by July 15 in order for the full preseason schedule to happen. Missing a preseason game or two won't upset most fans, we suspect.

The biggest challenge will be the potential free-for-all that follows a deal being struck with the need to sign hundreds of free agents, draft picks and undrafted players. The Eagles have said they have an aggressive plan in place and have prepared for the various eventualities.

The Eagles coaches are on vacation this week and will return next week to continue to prepare for whenever training camp begins.

"You see the calm you need to see from the leader," Eagles president Joe Banner told the team website about head coach Andy Reid. "At the same time it's almost like he's trapped. He can't wait to get coaching and get out with the players ... He has this calm demeanor, keeps everybody calm, keeps everybody focused, keeps everybody optimistic with his mindset of no excuses. Whenever this is settled we have to be ready to go."

There are plenty of issues for the owners and players to continue to work out, but the revenue split remains the biggest hurdle. The Associated Press reported last week that the players' share would remain about 50 percent in the latest owners' proposal but about $1 billion in expense credits would be taken off the top before the split.

Also, there needs to be discussion about how the sides would split the money in the future, especially with a new television deal looming and the possibility of a new package of Thursday night games in the first half of the season.

So, it's 75 days and counting ... Do you think the season will start on time?