Coughlin's take on Eagles, momentum

Unlike Andy Reid, who began his news conference with a long list of injuries, Giants coach Tom Coughlin was keeping things close to the vest, as he usually does.

Asked specifically about the health of running back Brandon Jacobs and defensive tackle Fred Robbins, Coughlin said: "They seem to be doing okay. I am not going to say what their status will be on Wednesday. We will take full advantage of today and tomorrow to get ourselves closer to that. But hopefully we can work even if it is in a limited basis. But we will see."

The Giants ended the regular season with losses in three of their last four. The Eagles have now won five of six after Sunday's victory over Minnesota. So, who has the momentum?

"Any time you lose you are upset and anytime you win you feel pretty good about it," Coughlin said. "But it never stops your ability to try to improve, to make corrections, to get your team individually and as a group playing better. And that is the thing that we have been focusing on. So that is what is most important to me. The regular season is over, whatever the numbers might be. We have been cast into a situation where we had the bye. You heard me say that I thought the bye was good for our team. I don’t know that I would necessarily say that every year. In this case, I thought it was. And so therefore we worked, we studied, and had an opportunity to have a weekend without a game and now we are back to work."

The Giants clinched a playoff berth on the day they lost to the Eagles when the Cowboys lost later that afternoon. The perception is the Eagles had much more to play for when the teams met in December and the Giants were not at their best. Coughlin was having none of that, either.

"I don’t know about that. I wouldn’t say that. I think we missed opportunities. We missed three fourth-downs that would have made, I think, a difference in the game; a fourth-and-four, and fourth-and-three, and a fourth-and-one. We had some opportunities we really didn’t take advantage of much. It was almost like a reversal of the first game over in Philadelphia where the scores weren’t – it wasn’t necessarily a high scoring game but time of possession was quite imbalanced. When we were over there it was in our favor. When Philadelphia was here it was in their favor. We had some outstanding rushing stats over there. They had some over here. So it was a game that was, as usual, a very, very physical game – as it always is. We didn’t take advantage of the opportunities that we had."

Obviously, plenty more on Giants-Eagles coming in tomorrow's Daily News.